About Us

About the Company

HeroUnlocker, founded in 2014, is an Internet-based technology company that offers a wide range of savings solutions for the mobile phone industry and is the world's leading unlocking company. In an industry characterized by uncertainty and a lack of accountability, our goal is to assist the consumer by providing clarification.

In a nutshell, offering the solutions needed for the consumer to regain complete control of their mobile phone from network providers and phone manufacturers.

HeroUnlocker offers phone unlocking services that enable users to use their mobile phone on any network in the world. The ability to change network providers when using the same phone has many advantages. The primary reason to unlock your phone is to save money on roaming fees.

In addition to unlocking facilities, we provide IMEI phone scans, comparison tools for tracking and measuring monthly phone bill savings, technical support, and repairs for all phone models.

The Group

The team behind HeroUnlocker is comprised of seasoned professionals from the cell phone and technology industries.

Executive Committee

Alex Gilbert is the CEO and Co-Founder of HeroUnlocker.

Our Way of Life

Our work ethic is based on a few fundamental philosophies:

Provide useful problem-solving services and distribute them through the internet.

Create a long-term business model.

We aim to outperform our rivals in pricing and customer loyalty by going the "extra mile" to demonstrate that we really care for our customers.


With HeroUnlocker's rapid growth, it didn't take long for us to attract the attention of many investment groups. AFB Software Solutions Inc. and a consortium of independent investors are currently funding HeroUnlocker.

AFB Software Solutions is a firm that specializes in cutting-edge ventures in the computing, telecommunications, Internet, and consumer sectors.

Our Offices

We are a multinational organization, so our office is the Internet, but we still like to rest our heads in a physical place on occasion. We are headquartered in Labuan, Malaysia, and have branches in Oshawa, Canada, and Los Angeles, California (USA).