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No refunds for unsupported models

See the supported models list:

Y! Mobile
Xperia 8 902SO
Xperia 10 II A001SO
OPPO Reno3 A A002OP
Android One 507SH
Android One S1
Android One S2
Android One S3 S3-SH
Android One S4 S4-KC
Android One S5 S5-SH
Android One S6 S6-KC
Android One S7 S7-SH
Android One X1
Android One X2 X2-HT
Android One X3 X3-KC
Android One X4 X4-SH
Android One X5 X5-LG
Easy Smartphone 705KC
Easy Smartphone 2 A001KC
Nexus 5X
Nexus 6P
LG Q Stylus 801LG
arrows J 901FJ
Libero S10 901ZT

AQUOS Keitai 504SH
AQUOS Keitai 2 602SH
AQUOS Keitai 3 806SH
DIGNO Keitai 502KC
DIGNO Keitai 2 702KC
DIGNO Keitai 3 903KC
Simply 603SI

Lenovo TAB2 501LV
Lenovo TAB3 602LV
Lenovo TAB4 702LV
MediaPad T2 Pro 606HW
MediaPad M3 Lite s 701HW

Pocket WiFi 502HW
Pocket WiFi 504HW
Pocket WiFi 506HW
Pocket WiFi 603HW
Pocket WiFi 801HW
Pocket WiFi 601ZT
Pocket WiFi 803ZT

* Refunds are not possible if the IMEI or carrier is incorrect or the model is not compatible.
* IMEI cannot be changed or canceled after the order is confirmed.

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