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Delivery Time: 1-25 days (delayed)

Price: USD$ 138

Warning: This is NOT unlocking service. This is Cleaning service. No refund for submitting Wrong IMEI.

Important Information:

- No weekend processing.

- Verification allowed up to 5 days after delivery of result.

- No refunds offered by the provider for already done IMEI's


Steps if your IMEI is not cleaned after it is marked success:

- Send an email  with the IMEI WRITTEN/TYPED and a short description of the problem you are having.

- Our support team will send your imei for verification.

- We will get back to you with the response from the provider.  Either it will be rerun or it will be rejected if it is within the verification time frame. 


Please verify the carrier prior to purchasing. Refunds are not available for incorrect carrier.


If device is Lost/Stolen Use CLEAN/BLACKLIST WORLDWIDE IMEI CHECK - PRO to be sure device is reported by T-MOBILE USA.

This service is for cleaning phone with Lost, Stolen status from T-mobile USA database. Link:

This is not a NETWORK UNLOCKING service.

 I have Read all the terms & conditions before ordering!


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