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Use your paypal account to add credits as a reseller. Our Network unlock service specializes in USA carriers and International carriers. We offer Cell Phone repair and phone unlocking services. We will provide your unlock code in a reasonable time frame at an unbeatable price.


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Blowfish Disappeared:

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with BlowFishunlocks or swiftunlocks.  They are well know unlockers in the industry who have recently closed their doors and have apparently left some of their existing customers unsatisfied with many reports online of people losing money and claiming that blowfish disappeared out of thin air. If you are unable to get in contact with them. As someone who occasionally did business with them, I had asked them to refund my money which they did. We did spend over 13k so were happy with the outcome as a long term customer. Some orders which were not completed we had asked to refund even the unlock which they did as well. We were only purchasing tmobile android device unlocks from them and we have since found a better supplier.

If you are one of the unfortunate ones who did not get refunded, as a last resort we can advise you to make a claim through paypal or your creditcard company immediately.  You can also try to Contact the owner Mr. Sage Vira via his LinkedIn profile, the name Sage Vira can also be found on Facebook. As a word of caution for those still in the unlocking business, customers should read the terms of service and estimated time frame carefully before ordering. Some suppliers also add conditions regarding refunding credits and expiration of credits.


Here at Herounlocker.com we are long time members of the unlock community and many of our customers can testify to our phone unlock and unlock code services. We hope you find our services competitively priced and you will discover how we strive to have our timings and customer service the best in the industry.


If you have found a lower price elsewhere, we also offer price matching. Please provide a screen shot of our competitor and we will offer $1 less.


Happy Unlocking,


HeroUnlocker Team.

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