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Order for Samsung Canada NCK + UNFREEZE

Price: USD$ 20.00

Delivery Time: 1-4 days


SLOW SERVICE - 1 to 3 days processing  (average time 2 days).


If you cannot wait up to 5 days then please do not roder. We cannot make it any faster.

Supports All Canadian Carriers:

Telus MobilityWind MobileVideotron MobileTBayTelMobility, SogetelMobilité, SogetelMobilité, Rogers WirelessMTS Mobility, MobilicityLynx MobilityKeewaytinook MobileIce WirelessFleetcomEastlinkBell MobilityAirtel Wireless etc.

Also this service provides the MCK code / Unfreeze code that works for certain phones that need it.

This includes the codes  NCK + DEFREEZE

Supplier does not provide Cancellations even if order is overdue.


Instructions to enter the Defreeze code:

1. Insert an unaccepted SIM card into your phone and confirm it asks for a Master Unlock Code 
2 - Switch ON your Samsung with a non compatible SIM Card,
3 - Wait for your phone to ask for "SIM Network Unlock PIN" or "Enter Network Lock Control Key",
4 - First enter the DEFREEZE code (MCK)  and hit the "Unlock" button. 
Note: You will get "Unsuccessful message" but don't worry that's fine when you type MCK (Defreeze code).
5 - Now type the NCK (Network Code) and hit the "Unlock" button.
 Your phone is now Unlocked !

EXTRA INSTRUCTIONS: if you get an "Unlock Unsuccessful" message again after you type the NCK code (NETWORK CODE) as described above then:

WARNING: Back up your DATA before proceeding to the next steps (as your phone will be erased and restored to factory settings)
6 - Then hit "Dismiss" button and compose *2767*3855# on your phone keypad (as if you were dialing a phone number).
7 - Wait for the phone to restart, this operation will erase all data from your phone!
8 - Retry the step 1 to 5 above !


*Only order if you agree with all the terms and and above mentioned conditions.


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