How to Unlock a Phone

How to Unlock your Phone Guide

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Is your mobile phone unlocked? How are you going to find out?

It is easy to determine whether or not your phone is locked. Simply insert a SIM card from another provider (you can get one for free from a phone shop or order one online) to see if the network name appears on your handset.

If it does, and you can use your phone, it is unlocked.

My phone has been locked. What do I do now? Is it allowed to unlock it?

You have several choices for unlocking your phone.

Using one of these methods to unlock your phone is not illegal. However, you risk having your warranty voided.

However, the easiest and smartest method of accessing cell phones is to contact the network and request that it be unlocked.

I'm going to use my network to unlock my phone. How does it work?

When you call your network to unlock your phone, they will ask for your IMEI number. This is a unique identifier for your phone that allows your network to determine the make and model, as well as the serial number.

There are many ways to obtain the number. The simplest method, however, is to open the phone app and then enter *#06# using the keyboard. The IMEI number will immediately appear on the screen for you to write down with a piece of paper. Alternatively, you can use your phone's Notes app.

Alternatively, if you have an iPhone, you can access it through the Settings app. To begin, open the settings menu, then select ‘General,' followed by ‘About.' It'll be at the bottom of the frame.

Do you have an Android phone? You can also find your IMEI in the Settings section of your tablet. After you've opened Settings, navigate to 'About Device' and then to 'Status.' And you'll find it there.

Once you've given your network your IMEI, they can begin the unlocking process.

The length of time it takes and whether or not there is a fee is primarily determined by your network's policy. It is, however, influenced by whether you are a pay monthly or pay as you go client, as well as the make and model of your devices.

Further down the list, we look at each of the major networks' policies on phone unlocking.

What is the point of unlocking my phone?

According to our research, the most popular reason for unlocking a phone is to take advantage of low-cost SIM-only offers.

When your phone is activated, you are no longer bound to the tariffs provided by the network from which you purchased it. You can choose from the entire sector.

Just as relevant, very good SIM-only offers are usually only available for a limited time.

Having a SIM-only plan gives you the flexibility you need to chop and tweak and take advantage of the best deals while they're still around.

Many people unlock their phones in order to sell them. Unlocked phones usually command higher rates and sell faster than those that are still locked to a network.

May I get my phone unlocked for free? How long would it take for my phone to be unlocked?

This is supported by the finding that nearly one-third of consumers believe unlocking a phone would be instant.

In fact, the time it takes to unlock your phone is determined by your service provider. However, you should be aware that the process could take anything from a few days to up to 30 days to complete.

Check out our network-by-network guide below to learn more about your network's policies.

If you fly often and want to save money on roaming charges by using SIM cards from other networks, you'll need an unlocked cell.